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Snug Plug 5 Dark Red

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    If you're nearing the end of your advanced anal journey, the Snug Plug 5 is as large as it gets; it's the Goliath of our weighted butt plug series.

    The chances are that you're already familiar with or even own the Snug Plug 4. What separates the two? The Snug Plug 5 weighs 350 grams (vs. the 257 grams of Snug Plug 4) and is an inch bigger at 6.3".

    Like all Snug Plugs, this XL version features everything that anal play fans have come around to love! And that's internal weights for intense stimulation, smooth silicone for maximum comfort and prolonged wear, and intelligent design for easy insertion and removal.

    • Seamless, silicone weighted butt plug
    • Designed for discreet extended wear
    • Rounded edge for easy insertion
    • Precision shaped for erotic sensations
    • Weighted balls provide sensual feeling of fullness
    • Thin 1 cm flexible neck
    • Comfortable smooth-grip handle
    • Completely waterproof
    • Includes travel / storage case
    • A copy of our Guide to Anal Play is included
    • 1-year hassle-free warranty

    Insertable Size: 14.5 cm / 5.7 in
    Diameter: 5 cm / 2 in
    Weight: 371.1 g
    Neck Diameter: 1.25 cm / 0.5 in
    Circumference: 15.71 cm / 6.19 in
    Sensation: Weighted Butt Plug
    Material: Body-Safe Silicone


    Snug Plug 5 Dark Red
    Snug Plug 5 Dark Red
    Snug Plug 5 Dark Red
    Snug Plug 5 Dark Red
    Snug Plug 5 Dark Red
    Snug Plug 5 Dark Red
    Snug Plug 5 Dark Red

    Snug Plug 5 Dark Red (Red) Butt Plugs comes with the Sexual Toys® 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!