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Royal Condom Extra Large Vegan Condoms 10-pack

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    Perfect for those who need a bigger holster for that sword, these Extra Large Premium Condoms will have you confidently conquering the bedroom in the most comfortable, healthy, and pleasurable way possible. Our XL condoms are completely vegan friendly, made from natural latex, and 35% thinner with more room to breathe for maximum comfort. No more tight corset around your piece!
    • Vegan: Casein Free, Odorless
    • 35% Thinner
    • Spermicide Free
    • Non-Toxic, Sustainably Sourced Ingredients
    • Fair Trade Natural Latex
    • FDA Cleared, 3x Tested For Safety & Reliability
    • XL Comfort Fit, Anti Slip


    Royal Condom Extra Large Vegan Condoms 10-pack

    Royal Condom Extra Large Vegan Condoms 10-pack () Condoms comes with the Sexual Toys® 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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