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Oxballs Cocksling Air Flextpr Black

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    Our original COCKSLING but less—lighter, less bulky—a 3-ring open cock-and-ball sling that fits your bone.

    Oxballs invented the cocksling, COCKSLING AIR is a lighter, pared-down version with less bulk but the same grippy bulge-making ability. It’s a C-ring plus a ballstretcher plus a shaft ring that adds squeeze for a bigger bulge. Slings wrap the base of the shaft and balls for 360 grip that doesn’t pinch or dig.

    COCKSLING AIR can be worn longer than C-rings. Oxballs invented cockslings, so we make them fit and feel right. Less bulk, more fun!

    Made of our amazing stretchy-strong Flextpr™: so much stretch it works for any size guy—it stretches 8X it’s size and snaps back for a perfect fit and the colors are shiny and lush.

    Flextpr™ our own super-stretchy, strong blend—the right grip that doesn’t pinch. Phthalate free and no scent.

    LUBE SAFE: Water-based lube, hybrid, or silicone lube recommended. Oil-based lubes not recommended.

    COCKSLING AIR approximate stats
    • Width: 2”/51 mm
    • Height: 1.75”/45 mm
    • Depth: 2”-3.75”/51-95 mm
    • Cockring hole diameter: 1.25”/32 mm
    • Shaft hole diameter: 1.25”-1.5”/32-39 mm
    • Ball hole diameter: .75”-1”/20-26 mm
    • Weight: 1.1 ounces/.03 kilograms


    Oxballs Cocksling Air Flextpr Black-blank-Sexual Toys®

    Oxballs Cocksling Air Flextpr Black (Black) Cock Rings comes with the Sexual Toys® 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!