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Katja Doll Light

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    Make date night every night, with this realistic standing love doll from Shots. Katja is made from body safe, supple TPE flesh, that feels just like real skin. This gorgeous girl has fully posable arms and legs so you can bend and shape her into hundreds of exciting positions. She also comes with removeable standing bolts to give the correct balance and posture when standing. To remove the bolts just twist them off but remember Katja cannot stand without them. She can wear shoes and it is recommendable that she wears flat shoes only.

    Katja offers triple the fun with a tight mouth, vagina, and anus opening for a full range of penetration play. Do make sure to clean the three cavities thoroughly after each use, to avoid a build-up of bacteria. Please remember to use only water-based lubricants as silicone or petroleum lubes could damage Katja's skin.

    Katja has a built-in warming element that gives an unbelievably lifelike feeling of warm skin against skin. To initiate the warming element, plug it into a USB port for 3 minutes until it reaches maximum warmth, then insert the element into Katja 's preferred opening.

    Take care not to place Katja near or upon items containing inks, such as newspapers, magazines, dark-coloured material, black or wet sheets or leather materials containing oil-soluble pigments.

    Enjoy the incredible real feel experience with these realistic standing love dolls from Shots!

    Included: - USB body warming element - 1 Demo breast for display purposes - Lingerie set - Extra set of press-on nails - Hairbrush - Body lotion / lubricant - Toy cleaner - Renewing powder - Cleansing irrigator - 1 Extra vagina accessory - Instruction manual

    Dimensions package 58.27" x 15.75" x 11.81"

    Weight package 2645.55 oz

    Product dimensions 64.17" x 13.78" x 11.81"

    Product weight 1763.7 oz

    Specifications Vagina depth: 18 cm Anus depth: 18 cm Oral depth: 15 cm

    Materials TPE


    Katja Doll Light-Shots-Sexual Toys®
    Katja Doll Light-Shots-Sexual Toys®
    Katja Doll Light-Shots-Sexual Toys®
    Katja Doll Light-Shots-Sexual Toys®

    Katja Doll Light (Vanilla/Ivory/Beige) Sex Dolls comes with the Sexual Toys® 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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