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Bodywand Plug In Massager, North American 120 Volts

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Color – Black
    Bodywand Plug In Midnight Massager. From its sleek black color to the rounded, soft touch head, the massager is engineered with a distinctly feminine feel. A simple ergonomic one finger control dial lets you adjust the A/C power output from a flutter to a freight train, though the wand never sounds louder than an easy hum. The flexible neck reaches all angles and can be fitted with an range of attachments to create a palette of sensual delights. 

    Features: one touch operation. Control dial for infinite speeds. A/C power - just plug it in and start enjoying. Comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. Bodywand personal massager for every part of your body. Head diameter is 1.80"


    Bodywand Plug In Massager, North American 120 Volts-BodyWand-Sexual Toys®
    Bodywand Plug In Massager, North American 120 Volts-BodyWand-Sexual Toys®
    Bodywand Plug In Massager, North American 120 Volts-BodyWand-Sexual Toys®

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    By far the BEST investment EVER!!!!!!

    I bought one of these about 2 years ago. I use it on my girlfriends an average of 3-8 times per week for periods of 15 to 60+ minutes. It is still running dependably.
    In regards to techniques, I like to use it in conjunction with gentle deep "come-hither" stroking of the g-spot with 1 or 2 fingers.
    It also works very well when used with dildos that are inserted in the pusssy or ass.
    Also, the variable speed enables the user to gradually increase the stimulation, as opposed to the kind with only low and high speeds.
    You can't go wrong with this one! (also recommended it to all my swinger friends... 4 of them have invested in them already!)

    Has she ever said "I need more power, Scotty!" during toy time?

    Then this is for you. Not only have we found a perfectly adequate level "You mean there is more?!", but "Oh!", "OH!!", and "HOLY CRAP!" levels above it with more to spare. Plug-in power sources have their advantages.
    When our go to vibe wore out I started doing research. I found that this model was quieter, faster, and more powerful than the iconic Hitachi wand. Also it has a dial control which goes from off to maximum with infinite variable adjustment, instead of the usual OFF-LOW-HIGH . Since purchasing it here I've never had it overheat or shut down. It's a delightful toy.
    It has other uses besides foreplay & orgasms,
    such as unkinking computer neck, whole body massage, bad backs and even opening sinuses by using it against the cheekbone or brow, and I'd gladly pay $100 for any of those applications.
    I'm still in the process of evaluating attachments at this time,but they show promise, and if I were a couple with a bedroom and a budget, this is the one toy I'd buy.

    Bodywand Plug In Massager, North American 120 Volts (Black and Blue) Personal Massagers comes with the Sexual Toys® 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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