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Ouch Wrist Cuffs Sailor Theme Blue

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    Dive into a wet dream with your naughty ship mate! Are you a demanding captain? Or a sinful sailor? Decide for yourself with these nautical themed soft Wrist Cuffs. Use them by themselves or pair them together with the ankle cuffs and hogtie available in the same fine design. The connection parts and buckle are golden colored and adjustable in size.

    • Length 31.5 cm (12.4")
    • Width 5.7 cm (2.2")
    • Chain length 12 cm (4.7")
    • Weight package 0.04 oz
    • Product dimensions 1.26" x 0.24" x 0.12"
    • Waterproof Yes
    • Phthalate free Yes
    • Materials PU, Neoprene, Metal


    Ouch Wrist Cuffs Sailor Theme Blue-Shots-Sexual Toys®

    Ouch Wrist Cuffs Sailor Theme Blue (Blue) Restraints comes with the Sexual Toys® 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!