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Ouch Wrist Cuffs - Army Theme - Green

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    Take a good look at the hidden secret in the print, touch the sturdy materials and you know you got yourself something solid. Use them by themselves, or pair them together with the ankle cuffs and hogtie available with the same clever print. The cuffs are securely closed with a buckle, which allows you to adjust them to your perfect fit. This makes it “one size fits most.” The sturdy cuffs can be connected with their black stainless-steel clasp. The army series consist of multiple naughty toys and accessories, so there are plenty of options to expand your set
    • Weight package 0.04 oz
    • Product dimensions 9.45" x 2.36" x 0.16"
    • Waterproof Yes
    • Phthalate free Yes
    • Materials PVC, Neoprene, Metal, Nylon


    Ouch Wrist Cuffs - Army Theme - Green-Shots-Sexual Toys®

    Ouch Wrist Cuffs - Army Theme - Green (Green) Restraints comes with the Sexual Toys® 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!